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Cut Scenes and Impossible Things

YA Contemporary

CUT SCENES AND IMPOSSIBLE THINGS is a 79,000 word contemporary YA, Mama Mia meets Love and Gelato, about a girl who travels to Wales with a mom who doesn’t remember her while navigating old family drama, a budding romance with a boy she lied to, and the secrets both her and her mom are afraid to share. Comp titles would include The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen and Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak.


Nothing is impossible is Bri Harrison’s life motto. Her hard work and dedication have finally paid off when she is chosen as a final candidate for an internship at the Sundance Film Festival. But when a filming project goes wrong and Bri captures the zip-lining accident that makes Mom lose twenty years of her memory, Bri will have to face the impossible with a mom that doesn’t remember her.

She wants to create the perfect final entry video while trying to help Mom, but Mom wants to go home to Wales where her childhood memories are intact. With both of them feeling broken, Bri agrees to go with Mom to try and heal both of their pain. Bri is determined to find a way to submit her film project, even with spotty internet connection, and get Mom’s memories to come back, even when a cute Welsh boy asks her to accept things the way they are. 

Bri has never given up before, but her determination sends her once-close relationship with Mom up in smoke and strains her budding romance. Despite wanting to beat the odds, Bri has to decide to keep fighting for the past or walk into an uncertain future.