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Telling Stories with Heart, Adventure, and Mystery.

5 Star Reviews

  • “Tracy Daly draws the reader into the drama of her story.”
  • "YA at its best!"
  • "Tracy Daley's writing is topnotch."
  • "The brisk pace and Tracy Daley's skilled use of language keeps me turning the pages!"

YA Paranormal

Loss of the Unguarded

I write books that ask the question "What if?" What if there were worlds just beyond our ability to see? What if we could open our eyes and become apart of the battles and experiences just beyond our reach? Click below for more information about my YA Paranormal Series.

YA Paranormal

YA Contemporary

The Wrong Side of the Setting Sun

I write stories that explore the adventures and struggles of our real world. This asks the question Why and How. Why do we fight for things that seem impossible? How do we forgive when those closest to us are imperfect?

YA Contemporary

Middle Grade Historical Fiction

If the Fire Comes

Published with North Star Editions, this Middle Grade Historical Fiction explores the experiences of a twelve-year-old boy who helped a CCC camp train pigeons for early warning fire systems. This story is based on events that happened in a segregated Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern California.

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