YA Contemporary

Stories with teen protagonists living an adventure in the present day world. These stories will have a travel element and explore the beauty of relationships.

The Wrong Side of the Setting Sun

Paige Stevenson is a survivor, caring for her sister since she was seven years old, blaming herself for her mother’s addictions.

Her survival skills will be tested when she’s sent to live in Indonesia with a father she’s never met in a country completely different than her own.

Paige swears to get her and her sister home, but the cost of getting a flight back to Chicago is over one million rupiah. The promise of help from a treasure hunting Australian, the presence of lucky lizards, and haunting Indonesian legends aren’t enough to make Paige believe she can depend on anyone but herself. But when her sister goes after a treasure on her own, Paige will learn the truth about loss, loneliness, and the path to forgiveness.

Available for Preorder April 25th