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Paperback version of Loss of the Unguarded

Paperback version of Loss of the Unguarded

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This is the paperback version of Loss of the Unguarded.

A high school football star discovers the Descendants of Angels live among us, and they are the ones in need of Guardians.

Treadon Nelson meets an unguarded Descendant, Ellie, but she rejects his affections and his offer to be the Guardian she needs.  Despite Ellie's attempt to protect him, Treadon is plunged into a war between the Descendants and the Triune, a sect of demons committed to eradicating Descendants from the face of the earth.

Ellie has something the Triune wants and will stop at nothing to get from her. Treadon will have to put trust in family and faith in friends, even after exposing their buried secrets, to help him face the ancient darkness that is rising and his own past demons.

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